The company Grafiti was founded in 1998. The founder and chief designer comes from the Ars Sutoria-Milano school and with his authentic and for him characteristic style, creates the Grafiti footwear line. In the period until 2009, he left his mark on the teenage fashion scene in the region. An entire generation grew up with Grafiti shoes. Today, those girls, now grown up, still keep Grafiti shoes in their closets as a memory of their teenage days. Grafiti shoes of that period were casual and in a million colors. As usual in creative work, there are periods of exhaustion and drop of inspiration, so in 2010, Grafiti signed a contract with the great Italian brand Tosca Blu Shoes and produced shoes for them. In 2022, the company Graffiti, now a well-known company, at the insistence of the new generation in the company, that wants the Grafiti line to return again with the same philosophy and new tendencies, makes a decision for a comeback. And so a new story begins. Grafiti, in collaboration with the fashion stylist Lucio Rigetto, creates a new collection and a philosophy where emotions are insisted on and rationality is in the background. Our dear girls, write to us, share your impressions and emotions with us.

Sincerely yours,
Grafiti team and new generation.